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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 4, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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speak. heavy rain soaking much of the deep south. louisiana, alabama through $must as close as south carolina getting heavy rain right now. this will be changing over to snow as it moves our way during the day tomorrow. right now winter storm warning out for the entire state of maryland from 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning through 10:00 p.m. saturday night. those orange counties are blizzard warnings. big storm coming in. tonight still a little time to make the last runs. we'll talking about how much this storm is expected to dump and what you can do to get ready. >> thank you. with this next storm coming for some folks it is time to be prepared. for others it is time to run to hill or super market to get toilet paper. we are joined with how our area is getting ready for what's
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expected to be a major winter event. >> reporter: everyone's trying to get ready from the desk assignment here to the mothers getting milk for their kids of the county snow crews. no one is taking chances. this storm is expected to be a monster. hopkins university could probably write a good thesis about this type of behavior. why do people rush to buy up toilet paper when there is a threat of heavy snow? how long do you plan on being trapped out of the house that you would risk running out of tp. >> i have five in my family so there is no extra. >> i have a list for my grandfather as well as myself. we are doing doubletty. we had to park at the restaurant. it is more crowded than december 4th. >> reporter: area supermarkets were busy as folks stocked up for the latest winter blast.
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predictions that snow will be measured in feet and not inches has folks flooding into the usual places, market, hardware store. the weather has state and local officials getting ready to handle the mess. the baltimore county emergency command center opened this afternoon to see how to provide safety services if needed. >> the public needs to know anything what i'm concerned with is be patient with us. it takes 4 hours to plow after the last snow flake falls. when you have additional accumulation like this storm is predicting it will take more than 18 hours. >> reporter: the county is well-stocked with salt. they have hundreds of crews ready to get out there. they are ready to hire contractors. the state says they are ready to make sure they true to keep
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the roads plowed. the best thing to help them out is to stay off the road during the height of the storm. >> don't forget when we are not bringing you updates on tv you can get them at you can track maryland's most powerful radar from your computer. we are getting started on what's going to be a busy weekend for road crews. we'll have you covered with live team coverage on air and online. we are continuously updating our website. sheila dixon resigned today as the mayor of baltimore city. a jury convict her of embezzling gift cards for the needy families. coming up, reaction from lawyers on the day's sentence and a look at the legacy the former mayor leaves behind. first, baltimore county has a new mayor. stephanie rawlings blake was
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sworn in just this afternoon. jeff is live outside of city hall with more on today. >> reporter: true to her character, stephanie rawlings blake stepped into her new role as mayor at city hall today only after addressing what mattered most first. she had prepared for this moment much of her life but when she was being sworn in she tenned to her aunt. only when she was satisfied her mother's sister was well did she step back into her official role. setting aside the corruption scandal the new mayor spoke of a new day in city government. >> none of us asked for this moment but we must accept the
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new challenges. >> reporter: rawlings blake had embraced her biggest challenge, putting a transition team together to look for ways to find $100 million to balance the next budget. >> the budget deficit is more immediate challenge as the weather forecasters are predicting this weekend with a blizzard coming to us. >> reporter: stephanie rawlings blake spent more time tending to her ailing aunt than she did taking the oath of office and delivering a short speech combined. it is evidence of her available to deal with priorities under duress that's bringing stability back to city hall. >> i'm proud of how she's handled this situation and kept this city steady during such a major, major transition. that could have been very unsettling. >> reporter: big on action but short on words.
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rawlings blake first speech as a new mayor lasted all of 94 seconds. >> thank you. before mayor rawlings blake could be sworn in former mayor had to be sentenced then resign. dixon formally received her sentence in courthouse east downtown. brian keebler joins us with that story. >> reporter: after more than a year of turmoil sheila dixon's sentencing took 20 minutes. the plea deal was struck months ago. proceeding today was mostly a formality. before all was said and done the court would have its say. judge sweeney said miss dixon leaves the office of mayor in total disgrace as she now has to wear a badge of dishonor for the rest of her life. they were harsh word for dixon who afterward had to stand and receive her sentence. dixon slipped out the back of the courthouse leaving attorneys for both sides to address the media.
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>> it is what i expected. i was pleased to hear the judge's comments. you thought they were appropriate. it is now up to miss dixon to decide if she's going to tell the truth. >> from here you are all going to go to inauguration of the new mayor. it is the end of one era for the city. beginning of another. >> reporter: now dixon's resignation became effective at noon today. coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on what the judge said today. >> we are asking youring thoughts about the transition of power. on our website look at the right-hand side of the home page. you'll find a poll asking the question "do you think stephanie rawlings blake will be a good mayor? "you can share your two cents on how you think sheila dixon's term will be remembered. tonight police in baltimore
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county are investigating a crash between a bus and car. the crash happened this afternoon. fire officials tell us two people ween taken to the hospital. latest on an ann arundel police lieutenant. a judge released him from federal custody and placed him on house arrest. prosecutors say he manipulated a 16-year-old girl into sending him sexual photographs of herself on a cell phone. the 47-year-old will be under house awe rest. he'll be monitored 24-hours a day 7 days a week. tonight a husband and wife are locked up in ann arundel county on theft charges. adrian williams is accused of stealing packages in the area in annapolis. annapolis police searched the neighborhood and saw packaged
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delivered to a home yesterday. police say williams stole the package. when an officer confronted him he took off in an suv and threw the package out of the window. police later arrested williams. they searched his home and found several stolen items. officers arrested his wife. they are both charged with theft. a lawyer says nine of the ten americans who tried to take 33 children out of haiti have been charged with child kidnapping. idaho-based missionary group tried to take the orphan children in haiti to the dominican republic when they were stopped. each kidnapping count carries a sentence of 15 years in prison. the problems for toyota continue to accelerate. now the company is concerned about brakes in its prius.
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the company that made toyota gas pedals has to hand over information to federal investigators. it is a major turn in the problems toyota is having with a safety recall. the transportation department is looking town problems with toyota prius. >> reporter: toyota's top
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selling hybrid is under scrutiny after reports of malfunctioning brake. u.s. safety regulators are averaging an investigation into the 2010 prius. a development that compounds confusion and concern stemming from toyota's initial recall of two million vehicle. automaker has tried assuring customers it know what is caused the wide-spread problem of unintended acceleration and that it can be fixed by adjusting the pedal assembly. replacement parts are being shift to dealers who are vowing to work as long as it takes to fix the affected vehicle. until the vehicles are fixed all toyota dealers can do is wait. some experts say toyota's got it all wrong. >> it is electronics. not the pedal. >> reporter: transportation secretary announced a new probe of the electronic system that links a gas pedal to a computer in the throttle.
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>> we'll continue to hold toyota's feet to the fire to make sure that they are doing everything that they said they were going to do. >> reporter: major insurers are planning to hold toyota accountable as well. several will reviewing past accident claims to determine if run away acceleration may have contributed to the accidents. at least it was nice today. >> yes. we still have a nice evening on the way. the last-minute runs to the grocery store plenty of time tonight. you have plenty of time tonight. even first thing tomorrow morning we are looking fine. it is as we go through the day tomorrow. this is a big one. it is there with the december storm. i do think we'll probably end up with less. but it is a huge storm. last time around we had a storm this big it was 22.5 inches at bwi marshall. that gives you an idea. let's take a look at where we
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are at. quiet evening in the inner harbor. 37 above the freezing mark. barometer rising. that will be going down as the weather begins going downhill tomorrow especially into the afternoon. i want to show you it was a nice day around baltimore. you'd never know a major storm was brewing. nice, blue sky. temperatures comfortable into the low 40s today. take a look at this. new orleans heavy soaking rains there. this is the leading part of that storm. really soaking the south. headed our way. the only problem is when it comes down here it is not going to be heavy rain it is going to be snow. low temperatures this morning 23 at bwi marshall. we were at 17 this morning in york. wintery start this morning. with all the sunshine out there today nice rebound temperature wise. around 37 baltimore. eastern shore making it into mid 30s this afternoon.
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a look ahead for tomorrow. wind storm warnings up for the entire state of maryland. this is from 10:00 a.m. tomorrow through 10:00 p.m. tomorrow nigh. storm will move in from the south and west. orange counties are blizzard warnings where they have highier winds in delaware county and new jersey. all of maryland including the eastern shore under a winter storm warning beginning at 10:00 tomorrow. the storm will begin across baltimore later in the day and pick up in intensity tomorrow evening. now a few spinoff clouds. i think we'll stay dry all night through the early part of the day tomorrow. it is as we work into tomorrow night we'll have to deal with this. massive storm system. this is the first leading edge. it is two separate areas of low pressure that will pound us on saturday. chilly conditions across the mid atlantic. it will be cold enough to produce snow tomorrow. now the national view. this storm was in texas
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yesterday. now it has moved across the mid and deep south. heavy rains drawn out of the gulf of mexico all the way through the tennessee valley. it is headed our way coming in tomorrow evening lasting overnight. a secondary punch saturday. we'll keep it dry through midday tomorrow. flakes begin to fly tomorrow afternoon and pick up in intensity tomorrow night. it was a large storm. now we break it down tomorrow night. heaviest snow begins to slide in towards midnight and keeps going into the early part of the day saturday. i don't think we have pushed the last know to sea until saturday evening. tonight looking good. 25 degrees. cold night. clouds thickening up. tomorrow looking for the first flakes to come down after lunchtime in the baltimore area. that will be coming down earlier than that toward washington. heavy snow tomorrow night. significant accumulations.
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right now we are expecting a foot and a half or more of snow. just to recap, we'll be giving you the seven-day forecast in a minute. >> thank you. snow aside they are the baltimore area roads that you travel every day. some of them are didlyier than others. tonight we are working for you to let you know some of the biggest problem areas. >> reporter: welcome the you which roads are deadly during what day and month and time. we found it in 3,000 baltimore area accident reports looking back to 1984. tonight at 11 investigators will show you what we found after going through the thousands of local fatal crash reports from the last 15 year. our investigation pin points where deadly crashes happen
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most often and when down to the day of the week. our findings are a real wake-up call about the way we all drive. dphñ >> reporter: we have covered the baltimore area. i'll give you the information on where you live and we'll tell you one easy thing half of these crash victims could have done that would have likely saved their lives. >> thank you. a alabama man goes to the extreme at a gas station. why he crashed his suv into the station. a daring act in florida. a man walks between two builds. find out how he did it.
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is toyota facing problems with yet another car? some prius owners are concerned their hybrid cars are having big problems coming to a stop. you think getting vaccinated against mumps is a kid thing? who says bears can't fly. we'll take a look at the national zoo's monster attraction. our look at news around the nation. we'll start in florida. the state is reporting its first deadly shark attack in five year. authorities say a 38-year-old man who was kite boards
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offshore of the atlantic coast yesterday was surrounded and killed by several sharks. beaches are still opened today in the area 100 miles north of miami. frightening or deal is caught on tape in alabama. a 49-year-old went inside the service station arguing he couldn't get gas. the clerk told him there is a pay-first policy. he went back outside and drove his suv through the front window into the counter. >> i believe he tried to kill her and likely would have if she had not jumped out of the way. you are to think someone capable of doing that is on some kind of drugs. >> police subdued him with stun gun. he was treated at the scene and jailed on attempted morer and resisting arrest charges. >> check the out. people had their eyes to the sky in florida because of a
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we are getting ready for a big storm heading our way. winter storm warning has been issued for the state of maryland. breaking news now from southwest airlines. in anticipation of the big weekend storm airline says after friday at 2:00 in the
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afternoon no interest flights will take off from bwi marshall. more than 100 flights are being canceled at the airport. flights should start take off again sunday morning if the weather allow. southwest customers will be able to reschedule their trips without any fees or fare hikes. you have 14 days to book new flights. it doesn't surprise me to hear that. 2:00 tomorrow afternoon a good bet about the timing on when things go downhill in the immediate baltimore area. let's show you where the storm is. bringing you heavy rain across the deep south. mississippi, alabama, louisiana all getting socked with heavy rain and flood warnings in that area. it is a winter storm warning we have here because when the moisture makes it in here tomorrow night it will be in the form of snow. it is going to be a mess around here tomorrow night. temperatwi


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